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Cavansite Crystal Rough


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Powerful energies sometimes come in tiny packages and Cavansite explodes with intense, vibrant energy.

The teal to deep blue/green color comes at an important time in our growth, as it corresponds with the Thymus or second heart chakra.

It is a comforting and calming stone that is excellent to use to help to heal grief and loss, and using this crystal is one of the ways to relieve your stress.

Cavansite is very helpful in raising our own energy vibration, which allows meditation, dreams, channeling work and healing to come easily and effortlessly.

It opens our heart centers allowing information to flow through us without the chatter of the mind interfering. It is also a reminder that what comes from the heart is truth.

Cavansite helps us to speak from our heart with clarity. It would be very helpful to those who are involved in teaching, healing, and instruction.

It also would be beneficial to those who have a hard time standing up in front of others as it generates a calm and confident demeanor.

Cavansite is known to help to heal the eyes, the throat, the kidneys and bladder, and may aid tinnitus, also known as ringing in the ears.

The price mentioned is for a single piece.

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